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A. Should we schedule appointments? – We humbly request that you schedule an appointment during our regular business hours for us to serve you better.

B. Can we supply our own alcohol & beer? – At Michaud’s you MUST supply your own alcohol & beer. You will enjoy the economic advantage by doing so. This will save you thousands of dollars.

C. Since we must supply our alcohol, when can we bring it in? What about bartenders? – You may bring in your alcohol the day of your event. Special arrangements can be made to bring it in the day before. Do NOT pre-cool any beer, liquor, wine, or champagne. Bring it in warm. Only your wine and champagne may be placed in our refrigerators. Bartenders are supplied with your package and will start to ice your beer down an hour before your bar opens. They will handle all your alcohol and beer cooling needs.

D. Are there any restrictions as to what kind of alcohol or beer we may bring in? – You may bring in bottles or cans. Michaud's does not allow Keg Beer onto the premises. If you would like “shots” please supply our bartenders with your own plastic shot cups.

E. When are we able to decorate, bring in favors, guest books, moneyboxes, etc.? If your room is not booked for the prior evening, you may come in and decorate the day before your event for up to FOUR HOURS. Additional time may be purchased for $200.00 (two hundred dollars) per hour if needed. All decorating must be scheduled and completed during our regular business hours. If your room is not available the day before, you may drop your decorations off to us with special instructions, and we will place them for you at no charge.

F. When can we bring in cakes and fresh flowers? - Cake and fresh flowers can be brought in after 12 noon the day of the event. Michaud's cannot store your cake or flowers in our coolers. Health codes dictate that Michaud employees only have access to our coolers. Michaud's cannot place any flowers or decorate your own cake. Your cake or flowers are the responsibility of your baker or florist.

G. Are there any limitations on decorating? – We ask that no balloon arches be placed in hallways, in entrances or exits to rooms. If you bring in your own centerpieces and they have candles, they must be “contained”. No open candles or flames are allowed. Only flame-resistant materials are acceptable. Michaud’s does not allow confetti, birdseed, sparklers, smoke machines, or any type of pyrotechnics anywhere on the premises. Nothing can be stapled, nailed, taped, or tacked into walls or chairs, and nothing can be hung from chandeliers or from the ceilings. Any damage done or “special” cleanup involved will result in you or your group being billed. Nothing is allowed on dance floor i.e. Decals, Cake, etc. All your decorations, cake stands, leftover alcohol, outside linens, center pieces, etc. must be taken home with you at the end of your function. Michaud’s must approve any decorating. If you are unsure about something, please call us or bring it by our office and we will work with you.

H. Can Michaud’s provide centerpieces? – You can rent centerpieces from Michaud’s. We offer glass globes with clear or colored water of your choice with floating candles in several colors. You can also rent mirrors for under your centerpieces or ours.

I. What color are the napkins and tablecloths? – Michaud’s provides all white, black, or ivory crisp linen tablecloths and colored linen napkins at no charge. We also offer a wide variety of colored overlays for your tables. These are a slight additional charge.

J. Can we have special seating arrangements with place cards? – Yes, your chart must be in our office 7 days prior to your event date. Your chart must also coincide with your final guaranteed count. Our office must approve all charts. We do not provide place cards. We will number the tables with standard written table numbers, or you can provide your own. Michaud’s reserves the right to decline any types of service or setup in any of our banquet rooms. Any sit-down meals require the host to provide assigned seating & place-cards with entree selection indicated.

K. When are all the final details and payment due? – A final guaranteed count attending, final details, menu selections, and final payment is due to our office at least 7 days prior to your event date. Outside linens, overlays, table runners, etc. must be in our hands at least 7 days prior to your event date. Seating charts must include all children, including children under 3, DJ, Photographer, etc. Anyone that eats needs a seat and is to be paid for.

L. WHAT are THE BOOKING DEPOSIT AND THE MANDATORY MONTHLY PAYMENTS? – BOOKING DEPOSIT: A non-refundable TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY Dollar ($250.00US) service booking fee is to be paid at the time our contract is signed. This fee covers the work done to administer, register, secure and file your contract. This fee does not apply to your final balance for your event. This agreement becomes effective upon the date the buyer and seller both sign the contract and has received the non-refundable service booking fee from the buyer. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that in consideration of and in reliance upon the Non-Refundable Service Booking Fee, Seller declined the opportunity to enter into a contract with another prospective purchaser, and that whether or not this Agreement closes, the Non-Refundable Service Booking Fee is a fee unto itself is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

MANDATORY MONTHLY PAYMENTS: The following mandatory payments are applied to your final balance. Three mandatory monthly minimum payments of $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars) are due by January 25th,(the year of your event) February 25th,(the year of your event) and March 25th, (the year of your event), unless you book after March of your event year and unless your event occurs in one of those months. In which case, no mandatory payment is due that month besides your final balance payment. We will send you out an invoice for each month. You can pay as much as you would like, but we only require a minimum payment of $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars) for each of those months.

M. What is the Room Rental Charge? – We DO NOT charge extra for room rental with our all-inclusive packages. Other types of services or uses of our banquet rooms may have a separate room rental charge.

N. Can we have ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, chair covers, or any type of “specialty decorations”? – You may rent these types of decorations from outside providers. This will save you money ordering directly from the supplier. You can rent the tables for these decorations from us. Michaud’s is not responsible for setting up or servicing these types of decorations. (Remind them to bring extension cords.) The company you rented from is responsible for its set-up, proper operation, storage, and pickup of equipment. All equipment, or items brought in by an outside source must be removed from our facility by the end of your function. Health codes dictate that Michaud employees only have access to our coolers. Ice sculptures cannot be carved here on site. Outside linens, table runners and/or overlays are due to our office and in our hands at least 7 days prior to your event date.

O. WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? – Your event date reservation and room will not be officially cancelled until we receive your letter or email saying so, and we have confirmed receipt of said letter or email with you. We may not cancel your event for any reason other than your failure to make timely payments of the amounts that you are required to pay us under this contract. If we are required to cancel your event due to missed payments, we will inform you in writing of the cancellation. If we cancel your event due to a missed payment, please refer to the next two paragraphs below for your unique situation (More than 91 days / Less than 90 days). Cancelling your date will result in any discounts, specials and package series being voided should you wish to reinstate your contract after cancelling. All payments made cannot be carried over from a current or any other cancelled contract with Michaud’s to a new contract with Michaud’s or applied to any other of our services or special events.

MORE THAN 91 DAYS: Cancellations that are made from the original date your contract was signed up until and including 91 days prior your contracted date will result in your requiring to pay us the remaining mandatory January, February and March payments you haven’t made, regardless of the day, month, and year of your confirmed cancellation. Any payments that have been made in excess of the mandatory January, February and March payments will be refunded within 60 business days to the original form of payment. Any refund will be sent to the person or jointly to the persons who have signed the contract, regardless of who made the payments.

LESS THAN 90 DAYS: Unfortunately, all cancellations made 90 days or less until your contracted date would result in your paying 100% (one hundred percent), of the estimated bill listed on your contract at the time of booking, minus any payments you have already made. This is due to us within 60 business days of your confirmed cancellation letter. This policy is in place to protect us from any loss of business or loss of income during the duration of time you were contracted on a specific date and room.

P. Does Michaud’s supply security? – Michaud’s provides Strongsville Police Dept. for security. Security must be on the premises when alcoholic beverages are being served. Michaud’s is a multiple room facility and other functions may very well be taking place along with yours. Other guests may happen to wander into your room whether by choice, accident or perhaps invited by another guest. It is NOT the job of the security officers to keep unknown guests out of your banquet room. We do not have “doormen”, bouncers, or porters with a list of names of your guests. You can rent a doorman or porter if you desire, either your own or from us. Michaud’s nor our security know who your guests are. If someone needs to be removed whether it be one of your guests or an unknown guest, due to not belonging in your room, or someone causing a disturbance, do not try to rectify the situation on your own. Please inform a Michaud’s staff member and we will in turn have security handle the situation. These types of situations can happen at any multiple or single room facilities.

Q. What payment types does Michauds accept? – We accept Cash, Checks, Venmo, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You can also make any payment directly on our website. Sorry, checks are not accepted 30 days before your event.

R. Does Michaud’s offer food samples? – Yes, Michaud’s offers food samples on Saturday afternoons between 2-2:30pm. We will provide you with a take home container of 1 entrée and 2 sides and ask that you take it home and warm in your oven. Please call or email by Monday or Tuesday of that week to confirm a sampling. Although we do not guarantee the exact items you would like to sample, we will try our best to do so. After you book with us, we provide you with a certificate good for one free sample and include 1 entrée and 2 sides. There is a charge for each additional sample that you order. We do also occasionally offer in-house food tasting buffets from time to time, please contact your Michaud’s representative for more information.

S. What are children’s prices? – Children’s prices: the age of three (3) and under are free of charge, children between the age of four (4) and twelve (12) are $10.95, children thirteen (13) and older are full price. We do not have a specific children’s menu, but we have food items on our menus that you can add on for them if you would like to. Sorry, children twelve (12) years or younger cannot be counted toward your room minimum occupancy.

T. Will Michaud’s change prices on us after we book? – Our packages are identified by a series of numbers, years, or letters. Although our prices are not guaranteed due to unforeseen changes in the food markets, or worldwide markets that effect our purchasing costs, we will do our absolute best to keep your price the same by either a change or substitution in items we require to purchase for your event or staff your event. We will not change the package prices or enhancements SEVEN (7) days prior to your event after your final details have been finalized. We may, however, must charge you for additional guests or extensive damage or cleaning of your banquet room after your event.

U. Can we take food home? – Michaud's does not allow any food, except for a cake and pastries, to be brought into or out of the facility. Leftover food from your party is not permitted to be taken home with you. We can however under special circumstances pack up a couple take home containers for the guests of honor, etc. Please discuss this ahead of time before your event with us.

V. Can we bring food, or our own caterer? – Not currently, but, Michauds Event Center is entertaining the idea of outside caterers, please ask your Michaud rep. We have a complete in-house catering service along with 5 kitchens and bakeshop. You may, however, bring in a cake or pastry. If you want to bring in some of your own pastry, you will have to rent a table or tables from us for it to be displayed upon. Michaud’s is not responsible for cutting, preparing, displaying, or storing your pastry in our coolers. Please bring your own serving plates/utensils and have it in trays, ready to serve.

W. Can we have our ceremony on site? – For a modest fee, you may have your wedding in either our Courtyard area or our Clarion Room. We can also set up one of our larger banquet rooms if one is available. Please ask us for details. You must supply your own officiant or clergy. We will supply and set-up 100 chairs. You may bring in more from an outside vendor for the Courtyard; however, the Clarion Room will not accommodate more due to fire codes. Rehearsals are permitted for one hour and can be held during our regular business hours. Additional time can be purchased for $200.00 (two hundred dollars) per hour. Rehearsal times are subject to availability and are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Please contact your Michaud’s rep to schedule a rehearsal. Alcohol is not permitted during your rehearsal.

X. Is Michaud’s handicap accessible? – In some areas, Michaud’s is a multi-level facility and is handicap accessible with the use of our lift. Our parking attendants will direct your guests to the proper entrances into our facility. Once inside, hostesses will direct your guests to your banquet room.

Y. What about Sunday through Friday discounts and off-season discounts? – We offer a 5% discount off your total. 

Z. Are animals allowed? – Except for clearly identifiable, trained service animals, Michaud’s does not allow animals on the premises for any reason.