5 Reasons, Other than a Wedding, to Have a Party in Cleveland

Who doesn’t love a party? Sure, you could have it in your home, but why would you want to put yourself through all of the stress of setting it up, cooking the food (or trying to find different places to cater it) and then having to clean up afterward? It’s a party, you should be relaxing and having a good time. At Michaud’s Catering in Cleveland, Ohio, we have 10 rooms of varying sizes and a full menu. We take care of the set up and the cleanup, giving you the freedom you deserve to enjoy the event. And while weddings are always cause for celebration, there are plenty of other reasons to have a party.

Reception after a Destination Wedding

While a destination wedding is a wonderful idea, sadly not everyone on the guest list is able to attend. So, why not have a wedding reception after you get home as well? This way, anyone in Cleveland who wasn’t able to attend your wedding can still celebrate your union with you. What’s great is that the reception can be held whenever it’s convenient for you. And, who wouldn’t love a second wedding party?


Your wedding was your big day to declare your love for your significant other and join together as one. Your anniversary is the time to remember that love, and to celebrate it all over again. Whether it’s a milestone anniversary, or just a time when you want to celebrate your love with family and friends, and the anniversary is always a great time to have a party.

Baby’s First Birthday

While your baby isn’t going to remember their first year of life, you certainly do. Making it to one year is a big deal. You’ve made it through the sleepless nights, all kinds of growth – eating solid foods, crawling, talking, walking – and, while you may be tired, that’s quite an accomplishment, and your baby’s growth, as well as your own, should be celebrated.

Corporate Holiday Parties

Do you always hold the company holiday party at the office? If so, you are probably dealing with trying to get the whole place set up and get food that everyone will enjoy (which means talking to several different caterers). And then, of course, there’s leftovers in your office for days. At Michaud’s we have multiple banquet halls that can suit your specific needs, and there’s no need to find a separate caterer, as we take care of your food needs as well.

Family Reunion

If you have a big family, hosting a reunion in your backyard may not be possible. No matter what the size of your family, whether it’s 50 or 800, we have the banquet hall to fit everyone, and still give you plenty of room to have a good time, no matter if it’s playing games, dancing or just reminiscing.

If you’re looking for the perfect banquet hall in Cleveland to host your next party, look no further than Michaud’s Catering. We provide the room – the food, the setup and cleanup and even have a list of different vendors – DJs, florists, cakes, etc. All you need to worry about is having a good time!