Adding Holiday Flare to Your Upcoming Wedding Reception

If you are planning a wedding reception in Cleveland, Ohio, or the surrounding area for this winter, then you have a lot more options open to you than you may think. Instead of being limited to whites and similar colors, consider adding in some of the hues that come along with colder weather. If you want to add a little bit of flare to your wedding reception, here are a few ideas that can make your wedding stand apart.

Add a Splash of Color

Winter weddings have a lot of color options. Instead of pastels which are more appropriate for springtime nuptials, winter has a totally different color scheme. Think ice blue or hunter green as the perfect accent colors to your wedding reception. You can even try a cranberry red as a splash of pop for wedding favors or for the centerpieces at the wedding reception. Want to take it a step further, then consider even having the bottom of the wedding dress dyed to match the color of your choosing.

Change Up Your Wedding Favors

Instead of going with the traditional candles as wedding favors, consider holidays when picking your favors. Small snow globes are a great keepsake, and can easily portray a winter wedding scene. You can even have them customized with your names and the date of your wedding.

Add in Extra Luxury with End of Year Wedding Receptions

If you have your Cleveland, Ohio wedding reception planned right at the end of the year, a bit of bubbly is a great way to add in a little extra luxury for you and your guests. Most weddings only have a toast for some of the guests, but at a holiday-themed wedding, that would be an incredible touch of elegance.

Get Holiday Food Catered for Your Wedding Reception

Holiday foods are a symbol of family and memories, so why not bring them into your wedding? Who doesn’t love going through and having a traditional Thanksgiving feast on turkey-day? So, with that knowledge, why not bring a holiday meal to your wedding reception table? Have the dinner catered to bring in turkeys, stuffing, fresh bread, cranberry (can tie into the color!), and all the rest of your family’s favorite fixings.

Use Holiday Staples as Your Decorations

If you want to bring a touch of the holiday season into your wedding reception, one of the easiest ways to do so is use some holiday decorating staples. Put pine garland across the pews and then bring them to the tables at your wedding reception. Small wreathes can also adorn the back of some of the chairs at the reception for honored guests.

Set the Scene with a Roaring Fire

One thing that many holiday festivities have in common is a warm fire for people to gather around. If you want to bring in an extra bit of warmth, then consider having a nice, comforting fire going in your reception. Obviously, make sure it is blocked off from younger wedding guests and flowy dresses, but from there, just sit back and enjoy the crackling wood and popping pine sap.

Remember Holiday Drinks at Your Beverage Bar

Another easy and elegant way to bring a touch of the holidays into your wedding reception is to have beverages that scream cold weather. We all know how cold a wedding in Cleveland, Ohio could be, so make sure your guests have something to warm up with. Have hot cocoa, some coffee, a little eggnog, and even some heated apple cider brought in along with the catering, and watch your guests cozy up to a nice warm drink between dances.

Consider Holiday Centerpieces

There are a few options when it comes to centerpieces for your tables. You can always use a glass vase or a wire basket and fill it with ornaments that coincide with the colors you have chosen. Or you can go with some flowers that immediately bring holiday festivities to mind. The poinsettia is a great option for a holiday centerpiece, and guests can even take them home when the wedding is over if you want.

Add a Few Holiday Tunes Into the Wedding’s Playlist

A wedding reception is never complete without the playlist and the whole troop of guests up and dancing. If you want the perfect holiday touch added in the event, make sure your playlist includes some holiday tunes. You can include a few favorites of the bride and groom, or you can go with classical versions of the songs everyone knows and loves.

Use Mistletoe to Add Ambiance to Your Winter Wedding

The perfect final touch for bringing a bit of the holidays into your wedding reception is to make sure somewhere near where the photographer is getting set up, you have a bit of mistletoe put up. This will help your guests embrace the fun and festivities of both the wedding and the holiday. Just make sure the bride and groom get a minute under it, too!

For more information on ways to add elegance and holiday flare into your wedding, contact Michaud’s today. They can help you get the perfect ambiance to ensure your day is one you will never forget.