Fun Ideas for an Adult Birthday Party

Who says kids should get to have all the fun at parties?  Just because you're an adult now, that doesn't mean the fun automatically needs to end.  After all, most adults are still kids at heart.  And with Michaud's Catering and Event Center in Cleveland, Ohio, we can help to make your day special.  Here are just a few ideas for your next birthday party. 

Throw a Theme Party 

Themes are fun no matter what your age.  Whether you're a gaming nerd, love sci-fi or fantasy, or can't get enough of the superhero comics, a theme can really make your day truly your own.  Start with invitations to get your guests on board with the idea.  Choose decorations that fit, allowing you to transport your guests to your favorite destination - real or otherwise.  Take it up another notch by asking your guests to come in costume.  And send your guests home with favors that will be a constant reminder of all the fun they had. 

Have a Dance Party 

Dancing is something you can do at any age.  Michaud's is the party center in Cleveland, Ohio, with multiple rooms that give you the space you need to get your groove on.  For a little added fun, pick music from the decade the guest of honor was born in. Or go with music from the time you were in middle school or high school, giving everyone the chance to relive their youth.  And you can always go with the classics - the Macarena, the Electric Slide and the Bunny Hop. 

Create a Slide Show 

Michaud's has projection screens for rent, so as long as you provide your own projector, you can have a lot of fun creating a slide show for the guest of honor.  Ask family members and friends for pictures of the birthday boy or girl from when they were young.  A little embarrassment might ensue, but it can also be quite sentimental and show the guest of honor just how much he or she means to so many people. 

Have a Roast 

If your guest of honor has a good sense of humor, a roast can be a fun way to celebrate.  Have friends and family come up to the microphone and share embarrassing stories, escapades or other funny stories from the past.  And of course, you can also encourage some stories about how much the birthday boy or girl means to all of you. 

Play Games 

No birthday party is complete without games.  Play games that test your knowledge of the guest of honor.  Put funny scenarios into a hat that guests have to act out.  Or even go for some old favorites like musical chairs. 

Just because you're an adult, that doesn't mean you can't throw a fun adult birthday party.  And Michaud's Catering and Event Center in Cleveland, Ohio offers the full service catering and the space you need to create the ultimate party center.  Give us a call today.