Make Your Guests Feel Welcome at Your Wedding Reception

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Your wedding is an important day, and it should be memorable, not just for you, but for your guests as well. After all, you invited them because you really wanted them to be there and share in your special day. Whether you have small, refined reception, or a larger, more extravagant one, the wedding receptions that are best, and most fondly remembered are those where a shared experience has been created by making your guests feel shared and included. Here are a few ways to make your guests feel welcome, so that everyone (including those hard to please family members) leaves with a warm, special memory.

Greet Your Guests

Of course, your wedding is all about you and your new spouse. Many of your guests will seek you out during the reception to shower you with love and well-wishes. However, most weddings have those guests who are a bit more on the shy side, or who aren’t as close to you or your spouse. As such, they may choose to stick to their table. While it is a party celebrating you, you should make it a point to take the time to seek out your guests and genuinely thank them for coming and sharing in your special day. Even just spending a few moments with each guest can show them that you are truly grateful that they came, and you didn’t just invite them because you felt obligated.

Get Your Wedding Party Involved

Before the wedding, let your wedding party know that you want to have their help at the reception, not just at the ceremony. Ask them to get interact with guests, especially those who look like they may be feeling out of place. Have them get people out on the dance floor, even if they might not know the person. Positive energy has a way of spreading like wildfire. You and your spouse already have enough to do, so having as many people as you can on your side to help spread the good energy can really go a long way in making everyone feel welcome.

Music Sets the Tone

While you may have certain music in mind, it may also be helpful to expand the playlist a bit. Incorporating music that the older generations at your reception know and love is a great way to help them feel a part of the party. And don’t forget to consider the order of your songs. You want to get as many people as you can out on the dance floor and having a good time. But don’t let the music get too loud, or else it will be difficult for your guests to have a decent conversation.

Get Silly

Don’t forget about group dances. You might think it’s ridiculous now, but having all of your family and friends out on the dance floor doing a group dance can actually be rather fun. It also helps those guests who might be too embarrassed to dance otherwise. Getting a little silly with a group dance is a great opportunity to create a shared memory that will be talked about when reminiscing about your wedding day. Not to mention you’ll have some amazing photographs for your wedding album.

Making your Cleveland, Ohio wedding reception a memorable one is what we at Michaud’s Catering strive for. But if you really want to make your wedding reception memorable, going that extra mile to make your guests feel welcome and special will really make the difference. Everyone will leave feeling included, happy, and with amazing memories to look back on for many years to come.


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